Thanks for sharing ! I appreciate the thought and time you put in this journal.

I also think your a good Ally.

However, I consider you disabled. I have PTSD, and it’s very debilitating. PTSD can be a umbrella term for my ADHD and low bipolar/ depression/anxiety. Aside from those mental challenges, I've recently been diagnosed with MS. These issues can be considered invisible diseases , which are becoming a majority of the disabled community in recent times. And probably a new generation will come to be traumatized by Covid and civil unrest.

Something I've also been considering is: I've seen the delayed development of young adults in my classes from isolation after the shutdowns. So, at the moment I find it hard to balance an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure with social isolation. We all have much to learn. I appreciate you.

Let's also consider, low income, (most disable ppl are) which intersects with disabilities and we do not have the privilege to go where we want to go to where it is safe.

Furthermore, recently, I’ve learned much about internalized ableism, and how sometimes I go along to Get along and downplay my disabilities for temporarily able people. Though I feel shamed (not your intention) that I've gone along with the recent Covid restrictions, especially at school, this journal has me reconsidering my relaxed attitude of late.

Thanks sincerely

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